Mega jackpot subway surfers

mega jackpot subway surfers

I've gotten the mega jackpot 3 times. First time I spent close to K in coins. Next time was probably 60K in coins. 3rd time was probably 60K. plz watch till end as the jackpot in last box follow these steps to get coins jackpot these may increase. While playing Subway Surfers every one try to win jackpot on Tuesday events. In start I was frustrated too but once I won the first jackpot I came. Why are you reporting this comment? I've joined this game only a month ago, and I play it at work lol , and I have to turn off the sound. While you can win coin jackpots of to , coins, you might also pick up other smaller items and upgrades. Showing latest comments show all 15 Guest said: Greece Subway Surfers World Tour: Don't lie like this and stop fooling people I got a MJ times. Alex Eddy Jamie Jay Mina Rosa Olivia Edison Wayne Jasmine. Should I Evolve Into Scizor OR St.. Mumbai Subway Surfers World Tour: Showing latest comments show all 20 Guest said: One time, when it was the second day of Greece, I got a Mega Jackpot and unlocked both Nikos and the Thunderbolt.

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Hold down on box tap all the colors on the box while holding the box let go and vuala mystery box. Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected. Once purchased, tap your box to open it for a chance at a jackpot! If you still get character tokens by the mystery boxes, you should have Showing latest comments show all 20 Guest said: mega jackpot subway surfers

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Super Mega Jackpot on Subway Surfers! Woo! Showing latest comments show all 27 Guest said: Injustice 2 FM ME: And good luck to all on getting the jackpot in the mystery box. Log into your account here: You have your jackpot in few boxes might be in first one. I have hit it a total of 6 times. Remember you need to reach the 40, coins limit if you'r Starting point Was hundred thousand coins. Edited by DaRKMaRoWaK Marshadow To Be Released July 15th. Open as many mystery boxes as you. Make sure you have a connection to the internet and you're date on your mobile phone or whatever is right, so the jackpot should be

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